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Amazonas Florestal Forest Land

The Company’s primary land holdings are located in the municipality of Borba and Atalaia do Norte. These properties are located within the area known as the REDZONE. This title is given as the result of project studies performed by the United Nations and IBAMA that clearly outline the areas expected to be lost to various forms of deforestation in the coming 2 to 5 decades.

The United Nations has several programs designed to compensate land owners for their dedication of property into preservation programs. The REDD+ Program clearly outlines the methodology by which the carbon credits can be determined and certified. The Company intends to preserve its properties through Sustainable Forest Management gaining certification of its Carbon Credits through this precise methodology. Credits certified using the REDD+ method have gained considerable interest on the Voluntary Market as a result of the new Emission Reduction commitments signed by 180 nations as spearheaded by the India delegation at the COP 20 in Paris last December.